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Tips To Find a Dentist

Oct 3, 20152599 Views

For optimal dental care, you should not settle in with just any dentist, but a very good dentist. Considering the fact that you and the dentist that you choose will be partners in your dental healthcare for the long haul, it is important that you take into account several factors to ensure that you choose […]

How to Care for Your Dentures at Home

Sep 29, 20154736 Views

Over time, dentures have gone through several development processes. The latest dentures provide people with comfort and are far more natural in appearance than previous models. People of all ages are more willing to have dentures due to these traits. However, you cannot wear dentures and forget about them. Like your natural teeth, dentures also […]

Are Your Gums Bleeding?—Causes Explained

Sep 4, 20153485 Views

If you saw blood on your toothbrush or in the sink after you rinsed your mouth with water, it is time to schedule a dentist appointment in Spring, TX. Most people, notice blood after brushing their teeth, but do not take any action to prevent it from happening next time. This makes the bleeding gums […]

What are the Most Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Aug 28, 20156840 Views

Cosmetic dentistry has seen a rise in recent years. These procedures are meant to improve a person’s aesthetic appearance by making their teeth look flawless. There is nothing better than smiling with confidence, showing off your perfectly shaped white teeth. Let’s take a look at the different cosmetic procedures that you can opt for to […]

Enhancing your Smile with Teeth Whitening

Aug 21, 20152947 Views

A smile is something that can make people feel more confident about themselves. However, when the enamel on your teeth turns yellow, it makes you super uncomfortable and you don’t feel like smiling in public. In order to enhance the beauty of your smile and regain your lost confidence, teeth whitening is the best procedure […]

Choosing between Composite Fillings and Dental Amalgam Fillings

Jul 27, 201526686 Views

You are no longer limited to only one choice when it comes down to filling cavities, but due to amazing advancements in technology, you have several. Out of the many choices you have, the two most chosen choices are composite fillings and dental amalgam. The major difference between the two types of fillings is in […]

The Day Your Dentist Tells You that You Don’t Have Cavities

Jul 22, 20153223 Views

Dentists are bearers of bad news, but we would not have to be if people took care of their teeth as they are supposed to. People are always saying that each time they visit a dentist they tell them they have a cavity. Do you know what we tell them at Spring Cypress Dental? For […]

Rooting Out the Cause of Teeth Sensitivity

Jun 23, 20154625 Views

Ouch! Ah! The sounds you make when your tooth greets a hot or cold drink and sweet food. Why is this happening to you? A substance known as dentin, the layer located below your gums and tooth enamel, has become exposed. Now, you are suffering from the sharp shooting pain associated with teeth sensitivity, but […]

Why Dentures Are Not Only for the Elderly?

Jun 17, 20153687 Views

You do not have to be a certain age to qualify for dentures. If you are missing more than one tooth, you can consult a dentist in Spring Cypress Dental to outfit you with dentures. In the end, what is more, important than your smile? It is highly unlikely that you would prefer to go […]

Cypress Texas and Healthy Smiles

May 25, 20155294 Views

At Spring Cypress Dental, we understand the importance of a healthy smile. Your smile is often the first thing people notice, and taking the time to make sure that you care for it can boost your confidence and self-esteem, in addition to improving your oral health. Spring Cypress Dental is committed to meeting the cosmetic and […]


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