Beware of Unnecessary Procedures

Jun 9, 2016

At Spring Cypress Dental we focus on providing dental services that make the lives of our patients better. We, like every other medical practitioner, have taken an oath to provide our help wherever needed. However, as dentists with your best interests at heart, we would like to talk about the worrying issue of cosmetic dental procedures that are completely unnecessary. Our duty isn’t just to provide you the services that you want; it is also to provide you services that are good for you. You come to us because you want expert dental advice and that sometimes means telling you not to have a procedure done.

Not all Cosmetic Procedures are Bad

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting cosmetic dental procedures when needed. If you are having any type of dental trouble that is not cosmetic in nature you need to get it sorted out immediately. We will do whatever we need to do in order to help you out with your dental problems. When it comes to cosmetic procedures we have to be more careful. There are some harmless procedures which we will be glad to do if you want them done. Then there are other procedures that are perfectly fine if you get them done once or a few times at max but are harmful if done frequently.

One of these is polishing teeth. People walk in with yellow teeth and get them polished till they are sparkling. The problem is that a bit of the surface of the tooth is eroded away to make the cleaner inner part visible. This will make your teeth look great but if you get this done again and again you will end up making your teeth weak. Teeth naturally take care of themselves on the surface but they have no protection if the inner parts are exposed. Thus if we find out that someone who wants this procedure done has had it done recently we will not recommend it. Our aim is to make your teeth better. This means taking care of dental problems as well as cosmetic issues, but dental health is a priority for us over dental cosmetics.

Don’t get unnecessary procedures done

You do not need to get your teeth polished again and again in order to keep them looking clean. If you get them polished once you’ll be able to easily maintain the cleanliness through proper dental hygiene. This includes brushing your teeth, using mouthwash, as well as flossing. You also need to visit the dentist twice a year for check-ups to ensure there are no cavities. The doctors at Spring Cypress Dental will focus on giving you the best advice possible for your dental health.

Also, remember that teeth are slightly yellow naturally. The upper surface of the teeth is white but the dentine below is yellow in color, so a bit of the color shows through the white surface. The natural yellow is so light that it is only really visible if you focus in the mirror, when someone else looks at you they think your teeth are white.


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