Best Age for Braces

Nov 15, 2019

We often see people, whether children or adults, with braces on their teeth. Normally people who wish to have straight teeth think of braces as the best solution. However, all those who opt for braces also want to know the best age for braces.

When to get braces?

People of any age can benefit from braces. However, an ideal age for braces is when all the baby teeth fall, and adult teeth appear. This is usually between 9 to 14 years of age. The orthodontic can evaluate the teeth and can suggest the type of braces that should fulfill the purpose. If teeth are not severely misaligned, the expert might recommend the use of the dental appliance and not the braces. In other cases where teeth have not grown straight and need a longer time for alignment, the dentists would suggest using braces.

How long to wear braces?

Growing up with braces can be uncomfortable for people. But for the intended results, a patient must wear the braces for the suggested time duration. If a patient’s teeth have complicated problems such as significant gaps between teeth, or overcrowded teeth, he/she might need treatment for a longer duration. He/she may even need to wear retainers to maintain the alignment. Orthodontics, at times, may suggest applying the retainers permanently so that teeth do not go back to their original form.

Though there is no best age for braces and the treatment would depend on the complexity, but a dentist suggests typically to use the braces for eighteen months to two years. This time duration would give ample time for aligning the teeth.

What we offer?

You and your Orthodontic at Spring Cypress Dental together can decide the best age for braces after doing a complete evaluation of the condition of your teeth. Once the braces are placed, the experts will guide you on how to regularly maintain the braces so you may have healthy teeth and gums. If you have any additional queries, you can visit our office or call us on 281-256-3222


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