4 Reasons Why Your Baby is Grinding Their Teeth

Apr 30, 2022

If your baby is grinding their teeth, it can signify teething. When teeth come in, the feeling is new to your baby. As a result, you might hear gnashing sounds at night. Excessive teeth grinding is also known as bruxism. Multiple causes trigger teeth grinding in children. Thus, it is always better to get familiar with them. We will tell you why your baby might be grinding its teeth.

Why is my baby grinding teeth?

There are many reasons behind your toddler grinding teeth. Usually, it is due to teething, the pain, and soreness that comes with it. We have listed four possible reasons your baby is rubbing their teeth:

Getting Used to the Teeth

If you notice your baby grinding gums together, it might be because they are exploring. Teething introduces them to something that wasn’t there before – teeth. Thus, they might be curious and get used to having teeth. This is especially noticed when the baby is 8 to 10 months old.

Relieving Pain

The process of teething is not a piece of cake for your child. Teething will cause pain in their ears. As a consequence, they will rub their teeth together. It will help them relieve the pain in other areas.

To Soothe Sore Gums

Teething brings with it soreness in the gums. A child of 3 to 4 months will have sore gums, and to soothe them, they grind their teeth. This is the time when the first teeth cut through their gum. As a response, your baby indulges in rubbing their gums.

To Deal With Stress

Children deal with stress and anxiety by gnashing their teeth. The baby starts grinding its teeth when weaning. An older child might do so to deal with emotional stress like fights, changes in life, getting into a new school, shifting houses, etc.

How to Prevent Teeth Grinding in Children?

You can always ensure that your little one stops this habit. These are a few points on how to stop a child from grinding their teeth at night or any other time:

Get your teething child a teether to soothe their ache and sore gums.
Use lullabies, nighttime stories, or different strategies to reduce their stress before bedtime.

If your child is older, these might help:

Talking to them about what is stressing them out. Or get them professional help, if needed.
Introduce your child to jaw exercises and massages. This will help in relaxing their muscles.
Drinking water is vital for everyone, so make sure your child is getting their fill. Dehydration might lead to bruxism.
Ask your dentist for suggestions. They might recommend a nightguard.


Your baby might be grinding their teeth due to exploration, weaning, or simply as a response to teething. Spring Cypress Dental is always here for your aid. If you want any dental advice, contact us at 281-256-3222 or springcypressdental@dr.com.


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