4 Brilliant Ways to Restore Enamel on Teeth

May 15, 2023

The enamel layer is the surface of our teeth, the hardest tissue in the body that keeps our teeth safe from outside factors and dental concerns. However, many factors can result in enamel erosion, which leaves your teeth sensitive and weak. In addition, a weak enamel means your teeth are more susceptible to decay, infection, and other issues. So, is there a way to restore the enamel on teeth?

Keep on reading this blog to learn how to restore dental enamel. Moreover, we will explain what may cause it to erode so you can practice precautions.

What Leads to Enamel Erosion?

Before we discuss how to restore tooth enamel, let us talk about what could cause the problem in the first place.

When plaque forms on your teeth, it feeds on the sugars present in your food. It comprises foods and bacteria, and upon contact with sugar, it thrives. But this is not good because plaque can harm your teeth, starting with the surface layer. Gradually, it eats away the nutrients in your dental enamel, which creates pits and damages the teeth. Other than this, the following factors might be responsible for enamel erosion.

  • Acidic drinks
  • GERD
  • Dry mouth
  • Certain Medications
  • Genetic conditions
  • Aging

Can You Restore Tooth Enamel?

To answer, you cannot restore tooth enamel. However, you can remineralize it in a few ways, including:

  1. Good Oral Hygiene
    One of the best, most effective, and most convenient ways to restore tooth enamel is to remain mindful of your oral hygiene. Therefore, make sure you use proper techniques to brush and floss your teeth. This way, you can ensure that plaque does not stick to the surface of your teeth and you can prevent enamel erosion before it even happens.
  2. Fluoride Treatment
    Believe it or not, your teeth need fluoride to remain healthy and strong. You can introduce fluoride to your teeth in many ways, like by using toothpaste and mouthwash that contain fluoride. But you can also go to your dental office to infuse your teeth with a much-needed dose of fluoride — professional fluoride treatment. This procedure helps rebuild tooth enamel, protecting you against cavities and other dental issues.The best part? Results of this treatment last longer than one would expect.
  3. Good Diet
    Your diet is significant for your overall health, including your oral health. You can consult your dentist for suggestions on teeth-friendly foods and incorporate those into your diet. There are also foods and beverages you must stay away from, as they can eat away the enamel and slowly damage your teeth. Thus, try to steer clear of an acidic and sugary diet. Furthermore, avoid tobacco and soft drinks, too, because they are pretty harmful to your teeth.
  4. Dental Visits
    While dental care starts at home, you need regular visits to the dentist to stay on top of your oral health. Your dentist can spot any dental issues in the dental cleaning and examination. This presents you with the opportunity to stop any oral health issues that are at risk.


So, to conclude, you cannot replace your dental enamel — once lost, it cannot regrow. What you can do, on the other hand, is work to rebuild your dental enamel and make your teeth stronger. Visit our Spring Cypress Dental team at 17330 Spring Cypress Rd. STE+ 115 Cypress, TX 77429 for stronger teeth. Dial  (281) 256-3222 to get in touch with us today!


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